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Global Blue, based in Colombia, has developed an entrepreneurial net with the vision to consolidate a sustainable environment that promotes the innovating culture, contributing with social and economic value to latinamerican countries.


This entrepreneurial net has been formed in more than 80 latinamerican cities, thanks to the invention and development of technological equipment to save water, the manufacturing of environment friendly cleaning supplies and through the generation of knowledge and training to entrepreneurs with special needs to strengthen their skills or to start their businesses.


We promote the sustainability and the entrepreneurship as an essential part of a nation's ability to boost the economy, grow it in a sustainable way, generate development, employment and richness to improve living conditions of a population.




HYDROBOX. Business line dedicated to the production, technological development and marketing of machines designed for cleaning and spraying liquids. We produce and distribute rechargable and portable equipment with a series of operational and ecological advantages in applications where your daily work requires high performance, cleaning efficiency, ergonomics and quality.


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UVA. Line dedicated to the production of environmentally friendly cleaning products for use in Vehicles and Homes. UVA is the ideal balance between quality, ecology and economy, especially for car wash businesses, ecological wash companies, points of sale, distributors and wholesalers. We develop and market special supplies such as shampoo with wax for cars, glass cleaner and windscreen washer, silicones, eco-degreasers, Shine Tires, Upholstery and Cloth and Leather cushions, Creams and Waxes to polish and shine paints, creams removers, washing dry products and air fresheners.

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CONSULTING and TRAINING. TURN Consultants is the specialized unit allied to the Caijus Group that offers training, consulting and advisory services for the design and implementation of leadership and entrepreneurship development programs. These services are available to academy, non-profit organizations, business associations and private and public institutions that require specialized programs to enhance the skills of leaders who wish to advance in the development of teams and organizations.


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BUSINESS & FRANCHISES. An innovative business model has been awarded during last years by the academy, the private and public sector at national and international level. facilitate the connection between entrepreneurs and companies, startups or innovative business opportunities ready to promote or start its expansion processes through franchises or microfranchises. This innovative model has created more than 500 companies under franchise, distribution model, licensed brand and under its own brand.



CARWASHDOMICILIOS.COM. With low risk investments we allow entrepreneurs to start a sustainable company dedicates to the car wash service at home with specialized equipment, cleaning supplies, training and technological platforms tailored to their financial needs. Attractive incomes and high reliability make this business unit one of the desired ones.



These are some of the recognitions awarded to the enterprise and/or its directives thanks to the promotion of sustainability and entrepreneurship:

  • Finalists Innova Award 2006 for one of the 3 best proposals in innovation and industrial design of the year. There were more than 220 SME’s at national level.

  • Selected beneficiaries in 2007 with economic resources granted by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism for research and development. Industrial Engineering Project, University- Enterprise; University of Antioquia.

  • Finalists in Conquest Prize USA 2007, sponsored by Magazine Semana, Proexport, W-Radio, Araujo Ibarra, Fedex, Telephone Company of Bogota-ETB and the Bank of Credit. Fourth place within the best Business and Innovation proposals for the American market. More than 400 Colombian SME’s took part.

  • 2011, Bogotá. Best entrepreneur and business innovation proposal of the year. First place among 8000 Colombian companies, “Uncover the Future Award”, Santodomingo Foundation & SABMILLER Group, recognition as cofounder of Global Blue.

  • Winners of high entrepreneurship contest IMPACT- A 2011, organized by the University of Los Andes, ENDEAVOR Colombia, and Chamber of Commerce of Bogota; Compartamos con Colombia, AVINA Foundation, Bavaria Foundation and Ventures organization. Contest lead by the best Latin American institutions of high impact entrepreneurship.

  • Study Case published by the School of Management of Los Andes University “Successful expansion of micro-franchises”. Study material Research for undergraduate and postgraduate studies since 2013 to 2018.

  • Study Case “An innovating entrepreneurship” published by INALDE Business School - University of La Sabana. Research carried out as material for classes of MBA since 2013 to 2021 in marketing, innovation and entrepreneurship courses.

  • 2016, Washington D.C. Winner of the "Inaugural Catalyst Award” by the McCain Institute. Selected from 40 leader finalists worldwide, our Cofounder Mr Carlos Mayorga was exalted of his social and business leadership work in Colombia.

  • 2017.  Case Study published by Harvard University “Global Blue-Business model Evolution”.